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The Congost De Mont Rebei

Adventure at Congost de Mont Rebei

Goes at the Gorge of Mont Rebei has something of ritual initiation. Every time that it go will be the first. How it passes with the readings of some classical works, there are places that always save new discoveries and never end.

Emblematic path

To talk of the Gorge of Mount Rebei is to talk of one of the most emblematic paths of the Catalan geography. Among it a lot of peculiarities can say that it shares border among Aragon and Catalonia, among the regions of La Noguerat and Pallars Jussà, and at any one time also spaces protected like the Natural Reservation of La Noguera and i la Serra del Montsec.


Live an earth, water and air adventure!

Nowadays, Montsec is an extraordinary territory that opens the doors to the Pyrenees, very affluent and varied and extraordinarily favourable for the adventure, the contemplation and the science at what can blast, sail, make climbing or stroll: three manners to displace that they result daily. In addition, the sky of the Montsec has been catalogued by the program Man & Biosphere of it UNESCO like one of the best skies in the world to observe the atmosphere.


Virgin territory

This is the last big Gorge situated in virgin territory. The force of the landscape talks for itself: the big protagonists of this natural monument are the water (the river Noguera Pallaresa) and the rock. There are places that arrive to 500 metres of altitude and the river is sometimes 20 metres wide.
The suspended bridge over the ravine of Saint Jaume is a surprise, creating an emotion that only walking at 40 metres above the level of the water can do. There is also the Colomera Cave, which you access by crossing the Ferrata road to the delight of the more adventurous.

Itineraries on foot, by kayak, on bicycle or delta wing make of this territory an exceptional place for the active tourism. Of big ecological value, its almost 600 hectares of protected land guarantees the visitor that nature is well treated. In front of so much beauty, it’s not surprising that more of a traveller experiences one “Stendalhazo”.

After this dip into the deep Prepirineu, the most fearless traveller that for the morning left avid for adventure, will return satisfied and will appreciate relaxing at Lo Palauet.

Paths options

Path 1: it is the usual route. Tracking it GR-1, 4 km of itinerary, gone and return. Length wanted: 4 hours.

Path 2: Lo Queixigar and seeviws of Altamiris: 2 km for little more of three hours. Also, it crosses the suspended bridge and the ravine of Maçana.

Path 3: L’Obaga Gran i carboners, resort of 2,5 km along the way of the Screes. After passing the ravine of the Jullanes links with the itinerary 2.

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