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Lo Palauet is a hotel

Not only. The concept of a Hotel, Suites and Breakfast defines us. All our suites and rooms conserve the original furniture of the epoch and are equipped to provide the necessary comfort without renouncing the charm of such a special place.

Menjador hotel palauet

Life is an adventure?

Of course! And also, a cultural experience. There is a lot to enjoy at Lo Palauet at any time of the year, and it is necessary, then, to take advantage of the library, terrace, cellar, halls and artworks. Every corner has something special to make the stay memorable and enjoy the aesthetics and decorative heritage.

Rebedor hotel palauet

When was it built?

The patriarch of the family was determined to protect the memory and also the nostalgia of the building and has conserved it in a meticulous way. This ancient building goes back to 1333 when there was a lively Jewish population in Balaguer.

Library and books Lo Palauet

Let’s go to the Library…

Ah, definitely one of the jewels of Lo Palauet, and proof elegance and style go hand in hand with welfare. It is an intimate room and transmits immediate fascination.

More than 1.000 books!

There are different ways to enjoy the books. One of them is to observe them. Most of the one thousand books of this library are of religious motif. The most ancient date from the Middle Ages. After miraculously being saved during the Civil War, the collection was acquired at Sant Domènec de Balaguer convent, if well his origin find it at the monastery of Santa Maria de Bellpuig de les Avellanes, whence was removed at time of it desamortization.

Terrassa per a celebracions. Hotel Lo Paluet

The terrace of the city walls

An ideal space to disconnect, relax, sunbathe, chat or enjoy an aperitif and stroll in the daytime or at night, like an ancient guardian.

Is there any greater pleasure than having a chat on a terrace on a summer night, or sitting in front of the fire in the winter? At Lo Palauet you will find both options.

Celler de l'hotel palauet

The cellar and the yard

If required we can organise a wine tasting or organise a special dinner. They will be held at the solid stone table that dominates this room.

You can also visit the yard under the wall, delimited by the thick stone wall of the building and by Balaguer’s city wall, an only room, fresh in the summer, where we have celebrated concerts, parties and work meetings.

Then, it’s true that Lo Palauet is like a museum?

In addition to constituting a catalogue of decorative arts and an example of conservation that, how is well known, is the essence of every culture and that gives nature and personality to the buildings. A lot of attention at it «casulla» of the 16th century, at the tapestry of the canteen created from Goya’s painting “The comet”, that was elaborated by the Real Fábrica of Tapices of Santa  Bárbara; at the collection of trunks, at the mirror of Murano of the French room and at the a lot of pictorial works that ornamented all Lo Palauet.

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