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River Segre At Balaguer

Stroll around the river Segre

For the visitor to Lo Palauet de la Muralla it is a must to take time and stroll near the river Segre.

The best panoramic viwes of the city

Tracking its course is synonymous with serenity and tranquillity. It permits, besides, to enjoy at first hand, the calm and beautiful panoramic views of the ancient city, having the overhead silhouette of the façades among the two walls as a protagonist.

Tracking its course upstream, if we follow the current, we will arrive at the marsh of Sant Llorenç de Montgay, a natural reservation of wild fauna, famed for its variety of aquatic birds and a great place for picnics, strolling, fishing or courses of photography.


Transsegre Contest

On this same river, during the summer, the well river Contest Transsegre takes place, that unites youngsters from around the world to realise a unique adventure blending the water and good times. It is not odd, then, that it has become the main party capital of La Noguera.

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