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A trip with the Train of the lakes, Lleida

The train of the lakes

The train of the lakes is a tourist train on a historic trail – vintage that circulates on Saturdays and lets one explore Lleida step by step.

A voyage of pleasure

We have to admit It: travelling by train is one of the big pleasures that the human being can have. Today, when the biggest luxury is time and silence, there is nothing like a slow train.


A local ‘retro’ experience

All train lovers will enjoy this adventure: the pleasure to live a local experience, familiar and genuinely retro, with the old machines at a sophisticated rhythm. And with the magnitude of a project that joins Lleida, Balaguer and La Pobla de Segur and that dreams of reaching France.


An impressionist landscape!

From Lo Palauet de la Muralla, is an option for everybody, you only have to go to Balaguer’s train station. From over there the train makes a route of 60 km and goes through 41 tunnels and over 31 bridges. In any case, the real protagonist of the route is the landscape: for an hour and a half the traveller is reminded of an impressionist painter, at perfect symbiosis with the most original perspectives: rivers, gorges, calcareous walls, lakes, mountain ranges and crop fields. His memory and Instagram feed will be full of these names: Saint Llorenç, Camarasa, Cellars, Saint Antoni, Tremp, river Noguera Pallaresa, Mountain range of the Montsec.

Here we have it: nature at the feet of the traveller. Water, stone, air, birds flying, and further on the horizon, the Pyrenees. Fascinating panoramas for a perfect day. On return to Lo Palauet de la Muralla on will have a most deserved rest.

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